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 Research and Development


BromaTech R&D efforts are based on a partnership approach work ethic.  It is designed to firstly properly address the needs and wants of each client.  Further, each project is considered as an alliance in the sharing of the stewardship of the programs with any resulting technologies.



From Day One, the project’s goals are clearly detailed in a Fast Track R&D Protocol with a realistic time line and progress milestones highlighted.  Each program is geared to realize specific client-dictated Research Objectives.  BromaTech presents a focused, cost-controlled and timely range of technical services that are client-customized including:

 New Product / Process Development

 Line Extensions

 Reduce, Replace or Enhance Ingredients

 Formula or Processing Cost Reduction

 Nutritional Counseling

  Production Outsourcing & Contact Negotiations

  Product / Product Conceptualization

 Coordinating Pilot & Production Trials

 Quality Control Program: Development and Implementation

 Business Landscaping & Marketing Overview Brain Storming

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