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 Manufacturing: Sourcing and Implementation

BromaTech has the capabilities to set up food processing lines as well as playing a key role in re-fitting or upgrading processes to commercially manufacture products emerging from the R&D efforts. BromaTech’s process experiences include pilot- and commercial-scale:


In addition, BromaTech can act as an on-site rep at a potential co-packer manufacturer to assess, facilitate and, if need be, oversee the production of a client’s products.


* Chocolates include: sugar-free, dark, milk, compound, white confectionery and yogurt.


•  Total Quality Control Program: Development and Implementation

•  Cold Extrusion of Snack & Nutrition Food Bars

•  Dry Blending & Packaging

•  Ice Cream Manufacturing

•  Chocolate* Production

•  High Fiber & Nutritious Cookie Manufacturing

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