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 Health and Wellness

The consuming public, now having a better understanding of the ingredients that go into foods, looks more and more to better manage their state of well-being.  This has brought about a variety of product development opportunities.


BromaTech has been at the Research and Development forefront to specifically address the consumers' legitimate concerns about food allergies and food sensitivities through innovative food products with features like:


 •  Vitamin and Mineral Fortification

 •  Dietary Fibre

 •  Nutraceuticals & BioActives

 •  Replacement or Reduction of
Sugar, Fat, Gluten, Lactose, Dairy & Salt

 •  Natural, Organic Claims

 •  More Healthful Snacking


Sugar-free products are just one example where BromaTech has excelled in the development of products that not only taste good but satisfy consumers, search for healthier food alternatives.  To enhance the overall well-being concerns of the consumer, projects undertaken at BromaTech were designed to moderate or even eliminate the presence of specific components (i.e. fat and sugar).


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